Monday, June 19, 2017


Great job everyone! It's amazing to see you all improving in such a short amount of time :)

Now let's take everything we've learned from Eyvind Earle and move onto our new artist:
Alberto Mielgo

For this week:
[1] Create a study of one of Alberto's work
[2] Paint a still life piece based on Alberto Mielgo's style
[3] Then do TWO pseudo-studies or photograph conversion replicating his style as well

We now begin to learn how to work WITHIN the shape through Alberto's eyes; compared to Eyvind Earle, where we learned how to work WITH the shape.
A combination of stylization with a realistic representation: Perceived Realism
     1. Start off with an informative drawing just to understand your placements of shapes and general            composition
     2. Identify your graphic shapes
     3. Apply mid tones values/colors
     4. Create tertiary details within the shapes.
Your painting should be simple and not overly complicated; keep organized into shadows, highlights, and varying mid tones.

Good luck! And have fun :D

check the link again, I've added a separate tool preset just specifically for Alberto Mielgo. There were some concerns from students who couldn't find the brushes so hopefully, this helps :) I've also added a new separate blog post containing John's demo from this week!  

The folder should include all the tools/brushes to do this week's work.
As well as John Park's demo from the last term. I will upload this week's demo later today.
Message me on Facebook or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns!

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